The Story of The Five Northern Light Hunters


A bit of everything (Rena, Norway 23/12/16).

Alhamdulillah for the gift of great company. It has been the most wonderful trip – definitely an unforgettable one.

We reached Lofoten, Norway in a very mixed feelings when we realised that polar night would mean that we have limited daylight hours (2 to 3 hours max). On top of that, Lofoten has been raining quite bad and the chances are very slim to be able to see the Aurora.

Nevertheless, we pushed our doubts aside and try to give a try  – hunting for a dancing Aurora. The wind was not on our side and as we drove near Uttakleiv Beach (open space and sea), the wind was even worst and we were very much lucky that our car did not turn over because of the stormy wind. That first night, we decided to give up and drive back home because it was too risky to wait and hunt for more. Yet, we were grateful still for the glimpse of Aurora that we saw briefly when we were on the road.

The very next day, our driver was very determined to make the best out of our trip and not to dwell waiting for the appearance of the shy Aurora. We did some hiking, adventurous driving through the wind and simply connect with the vicious side of nature. We reached home—already accepting the fact that we will not be able to witness the Aurora. Just when the three of us were cooking in the kitchen for dinner, one person shouted, “Hey, I think it is Aurora above our house”. Then, just quickly, our driver grabbed her camera and jumped outside of the window and started to call everyone, that it truly is “The Aurora Borealis” that we have been searching for. I ran to the front and called out another one of us said, ” Hey,you don’t wanna miss this. Come quickly!”.

And there we are. Jumping in joy under the dancing Aurora above our head.

SubhanaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar.

Often, it is when you almost give up, that the victory is just a step away.



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