What if for every family who lives or born into this world, the probability of being a human is only about 30% and the rest of your siblings may end up as trees, mountains, lake and rivers. Well maybe, it is beyond logical but let us just give it some thought.

Will it make us more humble than the person we are today? We live in a society which will never miss on human interaction. Day and night. Some of us may have some alone time for recharge some don’t. But having a little brother for example, who is actually a tree, unable to have its own two hands and feet. However, breathes the exact opposite of gases; carbon dioxide and then provided you with oxygen to breathe. Will the idea of that make us more humble? The fact that we can still walk around to school, work and cook our own meal. Yet, for him, he’ll be stationary most of the time yet growing. Maybe you could boost yourself with the thought of having a sustainable little brother. You and him, both complement each other and that has allowed you to survive and him as well.Will it change eventually on how we treat others?

Think to have a mountain as your dad, and he has been holding your ground. What would then be your treatment to other mountains nearby you ? What if rocks are your friend ? Yet you can’t converse with them but being hopeful that both of you understand each other. The silence between all of you only represents a peace of mind. Do you smile widely then? Happy and content?

Lakes, rivers and all the other animals are like brothers and sisters. We are made into different configurations yet we calmed one another. In need of each other. Consciously or not, we do depend on one another. If we belong to the same configuration, say the race of mankind, then wouldn’t it be more harmony then?

We can chat about things that amazed us. Cook meals and dines together. Laugh hard over life while patting each other on the back because we have hands to do so. Give free hugs to those in need, maybe when oxygen and positivity are lacking in their hearts and mind; that they needed some assurance. The gifts of structurally similar organs and languages to understand.

Maybe. Just maybe…

a smile suddenly brings thousands of meaning and depth of everyone’s smile felt more like a hug.


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