Give, what you have best

Give, and you will be given.

The inspiration for this post is related to the story on one particular robotic coaster that were bought last year in a set of four. At times, I thought that it is best to name things that you provisionally own, maybe somehow a subtle connection can be formed. Be it a sense of appreciation, compassion, gratitude etc. Yes, when we come to name things; the conscious status of the things in particular seem to have one of the windows to our soul.


Last picture together of Sane, Trust, Fear and Love

Hence, the coasters were given names, to all four of them; Fear, Trust, Love and Sane. They were treated like brothers and sisters, frequently used side-by-side on a coffee table (read: study table of a student) because one single student at times drink three to four types of beverages and maybe some friends came by and had freshly brewed chai latte tea together. For a such get-together, Fear, Trust, Love and Sane were used as coasters and make the life of an introverted student somehow complete.

School starts and fresher’s week has just ended. Yet, one of the people in my circle got contracted with freshers’ flu although, I found myself difficult on connecting the dots when instead she is already beyond half way of her degree.  We paid each other a visit in the kitchen and prepared a warm honey drink for the one infected with the freshers’ flu and I walked back into my room, grabbed Love from the top of my table and placed a cup of the warm honey drink on top of Love. Days went by, weeks passed and I caught myself remembering that I left Love at the other side of the world and I am okay with it. I have decided to give Love to that friend of mine and I thought it really is okay to be left behind with three out of the four; Fear, Trust and Sane.

I chose Love and hand it over as I thought it will help my friend in her speed her recovery though it may technically be just a flu; a physiological conditions, however, I had hoped she will get a boost on her mental status and motivation. My experience on my depression has helped me to gain insights on the relationship between physical and mental sufferings. Handing over Love reminded me on the temporal nature of this life and I believe it is always fine for all of us to give our very best to others. It was a shame when the last time I thought that Fear, Trust, Love and Sane complete me. It appears our lives fold into much greater completeness in its perfect imperfection when we share part of ourselves with others around us, reminded me to add: hopefully, all of us do so with no ulterior motives (read: be kind with no hidden agenda unless driven to reason your very existence).

To Future,

I hope with Fear, Trust and Sane, we will be able to make life on this World a beautiful place. There may be days that I will not have Fear, Trust and Sane stick around me all the time. Yet, may their depart soon or later, mould me humble. As for the time we have left, let us cherish them while it lasts.

Good things don’t really stay. It is our role to keep the good things going like the conveyor belt at a sushi store. Once it is gone, we seek for its replenish from Al-Muqit,The Nourisher and then BAM! You’ve got your chains of goodness.

and…the best is yet to come.



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