One Percent to Nobody

If people is what you seek all along, then know that there are people who are NOT better off without you. The majority of the people that you come across in life, 99% of them will definitely walk away from you. That is simply the nature of life. It is how the world is designed. If you care to look into it deeper, see people around you as superficial; on the surface-basis like the shell of an egg. What matters is the taste that the egg brings, or the essence and the after-effect of how people affects you, how they leave you be; whether their existence has shaped you to be stronger or has impregnated within you, a catalyst to let you fall into a deep, dark and a lonely grand canyon.

The key here is that, the remaining 1% matters to you and although their number may seem small and insignificant but they are the ones who are not better off without you. Your absence will bring loss to them and fighting for yourself for them, is such a great gift that Lord The Most Merciful has bestowed upon you. You have no idea of how you are like to these one percent. In return, be a somebody to nobody. Treat people with kindness and honesty. Some say, kindness is subjective and if that is the case, evil itself is subjective as well. Breaking Bad. Truth is, do not make any quick assumptions on things that you have least knowledge of. Instead, give out prayers and flares. Hopefully, you will be among the 1% to nobody.

” Take it slow, wait for them to ask you, don’t make any sudden moves, you don’t know the half of the abused”.

Dear ONE PERCENT TO NOBODY out there, you meant a world. Thank you for all the life advices. To the remaining 99%, thank you for teaching me to get lost in life. I have learned to walk away from myself thanks to you. However, thanks to you too that I have got the opportunity to feel the bitterness of truth and I Found Me.


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