Equally Important [EI]

Everyone is equally important. You are EI as everyone else. These words struck me today said by an experience academician at the university. It reminds me of the sense of belonging that I had and kept with my band mates, close friends and group mates in my third year. I want to talk about it because EI means that we are always affecting one another. In simple chemical engineering terms, being able to design a chemical reactor distinctively does not make you the best or better than everyone else. Although yes, you may have designed it cheap and efficiently but there is always a room for an improvement. Just maybe that it is not sustainable enough, the green engineering loop cannot be exactly applied and hence, we gather everyone to work. During those times, you are passionate, whirling with excitement and ideas so that this nature is less hurt, the environment is synchronised with the society, people of the world and ultimately, assimilate until both parties left unhurt. At this coalescing stage, when applied in psychology context may refer to communication, a true and honest communication with an objective pair of eyes.

I believed honesty will make you equally important to everyone. A bridge of humanity bond is constructed at every turns of events when the service of honesty and delivery of truth forms the foundation. You are making a big mistakes when you tell others when ‘help’ came for only you and not others though you are being rescued from drowning in an ocean. At the time, ‘help’ is not only to the advantage of physically saving your lives but the realisation that death is upon everyone eventually may just be an awakening call to those who are rescuing you. After all, everyone wants the best for the whole and for every actions lies an invisible string of accountability. Maybe not to the leaders or people but surely to God. I guessed cherishing the ideas can draw you closer to the concept of mercy. God instilled mercy in each of us and cultivating it can perhaps be fulfilling our purpose here. Only if you think, there is any.

Even so, I may simply appeal as a coward in the public, merely writing down my thoughts process from my keyboard hoping I could make a tiny bit of difference in this world. What is there to change? What is…out there, who or what needs my help, my thoughts and ideas? I can never know, only you know, only if each and everyone of us coalesce in honesty with mercy.

Admit it. Forgive yourself and others.

The pen is mightier than a sword. Words can change lives for the better and in due course, turns out being sustainable for the future.


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