Dissociation in foreign state

I am really happy and grateful that finally on this blessed Friday, I found my therapist to understand how does it really feels when my scale of mental health is 0. It seems that our mind can reach to the point where it has lost control of its behaviour. Sometimes, it is called as split but not as in personality split, however, a person can find he or she to be distant from who they really are, not recognising oneself and starting to initiate its immediate coping mechanism for short term survival. Some people may opt for instant relieve such as self-harming, cuts, suicidal triggers etc. As for me, the dark corners, gives a soothing fragments of safety and being as a form of escapes.

Nevertheless, it stroked me from the questioning by my therapist on why would I let it/others have power over me? and for how long is it going to be? The session I had today was really challenging and yes, I want to be up to the challenge till the point that the challenges are tired of me.

A 5 means get up on time, hopeful and content.

0 means guilty, ‘Isolated’ and ‘ruminating’.

“Positivity usually outweighs negativity”. Good Luck!


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