Saintliness Fades

Saintliness fades. Self-sacrifice thoughts begin to join in. Why? Writing helps with the panic attack.

I called in… whether or not, I will be able to join a summer camp. People told that I would better focus on my exams and not giving a clue or just listen. Reason being I chose to ask, would be and it has always been that I often have a very free mind, even after is spent hours on work or books. Again and again, I am witnessing the ugly side of human. Judgement. Immature decision. Unfortunately and sadly for me, I do not have any other power to be able to make changes. Just maybe, my channel is scraped off. Helpless. Suicidal people, self-harming people do not deserve the chance to make a difference in the world.

Smile. Yes, keep smiling. Pure saintliness can sometimes be more devilish than evil. I am just a person standing by. I do not play your story. However, I can do and perhaps I am always contradicting with the flows.

I am sad to have met such being. I am sad of the reality of human. Blind. Fool. Myself is the most foolish of all.


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