Pressure is negligible

I have been thinking what good will it bring to me or anyone around, for me to keep writing and sharing. I came to an answer, it has been a therapy for me and perhaps that could simply be a good enough justification that I could hold on to. It really is amazing to witness when your mind is making its wonders. We’ve all got the potential to be whatever that we want or to achieve what we want. Nobody and if you have been blind, open your eyes. We do not want anything to go wasted and if you do have regrets. No pressure as things will be just fine. Pressure will fade away and fear too will fade away. They are simply the elements that define you as a human being. Just a human.

It is beautiful to think how can self-blame cause severity to a person’s life. Traumatic experiences would consume your whole living being and slowly scrapping off, leaving you lean. We are all fighters and we keep on going because that is only what we do. Doing so, breaking then healing and again the cycle repeats, it makes your whole existence to  whole new level-that there is always reasons or a reason and nothing is unfortunate or a loss. So, you live your life with no regrets at all because you enjoyed the journey since you have lived through it and ultimately, you…are living.

The big question isn’t between living or wasting better not dying. The real thing is whether life is meaningful or nothingness. Ride your journey with a smile. Do not forget or stab others. Be true to yourself and everyone. Only those who is true will make it. Magical strength will always be there if you’ve been wondering on time. Life is a cycle and while you are at it, cycle hard.

You are on route of this cycling journey that will soon ends your misery (if there is any).

Unfortunate is nothing, definitely.


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