An Ounce of Faith

For every struggling depressed soul, they pulled through every day and every morning stretching out every ounce of faith within them and exemplified physically. Faith becomes their lifeboat. They hope, that every ticking of the clock, they get better and positive. If they have been misunderstood, they will be in a very great pain more than what they have been enduring. They are often sad on their surrounding and the environment and slowly sometimes, they gave up. They choose to withdraw because being around people just felt too much, since what we have been taught seems meaningless in reality.  Immaturity will cause great loss and often times, running over temporary things is undeniably worthless.

I came across in Quran before, surah Al-Kahf: 46, the best and ultimate kind of hope is the hope to give. To be able to give. Imagine, how does one would feel when his/her arms and legs are there but as if to he/she, it feels like it has been cut-off. Actually, there is a psychological disorder called the Body Integrity Identity Disorder or BIID, where the patients will feel that some parts of their body are not theirs and sometimes they would resort for amputation to get rid of their arms or legs that were perceived not to be theirs.  Nobody wants the bad and rotten parts, nobody would appreciate. Honestly, think about it… If you have a friend who is suffering from the condition and begging you to please get rid of his/her arms, “Please it is just isn’t mine, it felt very foreign to be, this weird-looking arms seem to just attach to my body and the worst part of it all, it is causing me pain as well. Please, help me get rid of it. “

After days and days of begging, what would you do, dear friend?

Things happened. An ounce of faith is the flickers of hope in every soul. Be it whether you are in the midst of struggling or that you are feeling on top of the world. Judge too soon, you will fail. Hopefully, you still do have time to make it right. Justification before the end of time. Have faith.


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