Strong strings

When our well-being turns out to be hell-being to your surroundings, then it will be the time to withdraw before you are withdrawn. Yes, it is saddening however, that is the nature of life on this temporary Earth. Misunderstand and immaturity will become blockages and by the time you learnt and realised, it has already been too late. Even if you still have some time left, efforts from conflicting sides is another component that will have to be taking into account. It is easy to literate “forgive and forget”. Literate. Yes. Human often lived making sure throughout their lives, it has been a miracle and a meaningful journeys. What have been undefined or hell-being must be left forgotten. I admired some mechanisms of people’s brain which can easily switching on and off, must have been all along such a blessings and often a specialised skills bestowed by God upon them.

Whilst, for some others, having skills of profound memory must have been His works of mercy and love as well. If it wasn’t because of memory, then I would not have learnt on True Appreciation. It goes greater beyond in terms of nominal appreciation. None that I ever came across before in life. Yes, we will have to focus on what we ought to do in life. However, make sure that you don’t miss any important bits in your life; as example your family, mum, dad, grandma, aunts, uncles and teachers. Those old people who witnessed your birth from the times you have not recognising words and pronunciations till the times when you learnt to somehow be literate and knowing and understanding feelings then expressing them.

You are their strong strings. Their ultimate beacon of hope after The Creator and The Heaven, all praises to Allah who owns the eternal Heaven and this temporary World. Live and be compassionate as how you would believe. Attacks and disagreement will always rise, then your fears make kicked in. However, you’ve got to promise me, when you get shaken inside out, remember, that the length of immaturity in this World is infinite and hence, be forgiven. We originates from the same one Creator. Learn to care. Be kind. Live healthily. Be inspiring because living is indeed harsh. Others who is struggling may need your help.Then, lend a helping hand. Pray.



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