Grey Cloud

As long as the grey cloud still in sight, the grey cloud must never give up.

Everyday, I am much closer. The one in grey does not need any rescue because she will be the one rescuing.

Strangers thoughts on The Grey cloud:

You had been the grey cloud which had poured me rain .
And I love rain.
The way it sparkled as it bounced from the ground.
the way it silenced the earth and whatever things within it.
It calmed me..and help me grow.

It was this grey cloud who had sheltered me from the scorching sunlight. you are so needed and so missed.cant wait to see u .im back

You’re a silver lining too.Rain makes plants grow and people stronger.

And then there are little creatures with fluffy hair that like running in the rain! Cherish the rain, the Earthly smell…they sing songs of deDespair sometimes, sometimes songs of extreme joy.

I love the colour grey though,

I love the grey cloud as it looks cool and give you shades

Rain is a blessing.. It gives life.. I welcome it anytime..


Being grey cloud isn’t so bad after all. Yesterday, perhaps the white, shiny clouds were having a very great, truthful times together. Seeking their one true Lord’s love. I will have to find my own path of seeking our Lord. My Lord and yours. We are a creation of our Creator yet we will have to depart and I will have to be rejected because I am not fit. However, with their blessings I will go. It is now time to let go of them and hopefully I can find myself for once being grey and white at the same time. Despair at times and on another of extreme joy. The nature of life is non-ideal but efforts are ideal and must always be sought. Little things but true. I bid you farewell.


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