You’ve got it all. Alhamdulillah, our trip to Bergen, Finse and Oslo in Norway has opened our minds that there aren’t black and white in humanhood. Struggles, people does and always battling with oneself. Hopefully, may Allah ease, that everything that we are going through is to be a better person, strengthened our hearts and actions. With Emaan getting stronger and actions more meaningful — Strong.

We thought that we are probably mehh! by people around and then we discussed whether we could agree that prayers from afar can be considered and be acceptable. Let us have mercy towards one another, yes! Prayers to us and Amru Khalid as well are considered as an actions of efforts and that prayers are ibadah as well. So, it is okay… mehh! comes in stages and perhaps started off with side by side amal then slowly withdrawing but along the way… a friend of mine used to say: Not to worry, recall of me in your prayers.

Given up. Raise back up. Slowly at your pace. Yes, all of us is always busy but the things that we are busy with are what counts. Conditions from Allah is clear, what is accepted must be Khalish, Khalashu, Khalishah and ultimately having truth as background. Let us have care for the safety of hearts. If your heart is good, then your whole body will be good. Alleviate from fitnah and embrace mercy.

Open your eyes, there are a lot of strengths that your Lord has bestowed upon you. Reclaim them and use it as nasihah to others. Remember friends, nasihah is what makes our emaan and actions stronger. Then, you are within the safety zone; freed from any wild guesses and mischief. May Allah protect us all.

Here we are again, back for the future. We are too cool for this dunya, the end of world awaits. May Allah bless us all.

Reference: Ruknu Al-Ikhlas according to Imam Al-Banna by Ali Abdul Halim Mahmud and explanation on surah al-Kafh by Nouman Ali Khan.

Is okay if you are mehh! Allah is watching and He listens. He await of you.

*Mehh refers to dismissed in the eyes of people (some). IMG_0491




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