All praises to our Only Creator

6194999_1600x1200I did not realise of how much I am actually worth but when I first entered Home. “Meow”, emie greeted and I said, ” Yes, emie… It has been like forever, isn’t it?”. The environment of Home itself, reminds you of who you used to be, all childhood memories and also all the curves and bents on shaping who you are, your characters all folded in one house. A family and whatnot, systematically an usrah I supposed.

Emie did not want to be far from me and just there, by my side regardless of whether I am asleep or awake.Now, she is as well. Here, in front of the same screen as I am. Again, I did not know that I am that important to my cats and that actually my cats every day wait for my return back home. That I am more than simply a presence to them, emie…hayah. Indeed, behind all these…there is a Supreme Creator that neither can I deny. I followed my doctor’s advice and my aim back home is to at least achieve self-worth. Hopefully, me and you, we will be able to gather enough strength to get back up. To just be who you are.

I do not blame creations; mankind. However, the way of how our world truly is today is just so sad. I thought that I have found the only solution of all of unmerciful sides of mankind, but then again, I kept meeting with the same kind of encounters. Human keep failing each other and only few do survived.  It is just making me much terrified of mankind even more because the only thing on Earth that I do not want to feel is sadness. The word ‘khalifah’ perhaps will also mean that there is room within the natural system. Hopefully, dear Allah, I hope for that place where I will be much composed and not scared.

In engineering, we learnt of sustainability. One approach to sustainability is to mimic our nature. I guessed from cats alone, we can mimic how they love and kind towards one another.

Be kind. InsyaAllah.


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