Life on Earth

It is about Hayah fil Ardh. It was the time when I am really in need of the reminders on Life. Having Hayah around will then remind me of Allah, that He is compassionate and watching wherever and whenever. Probably I guessed, that is truly the role of nature and us to play the role as ulul albab and that everything they do, back down to fitrah. Nothing more or less.

From a single blue cat alone, I learnt on responsibilities and commitment. Few days ago, Hayah was lying down by my side and I looked at him and said, “If I’m gone, who will take care of you?”. He looked back, deeply with the same looks as how he did when we first met that have made me to choose him despite his other siblings. During that brief window, he just know, I am sure of it. In simple terms, cats have neural pathway that somewhat carved on human emotions. You may want to think like having wifi or bluetooth connections made between a human being and a furry cat.

Unfortunately, he too is part of this dunya and so do I. We are simply creations with purposes. Luckily, we have the same Creator and that Creator of us may have led our path crossed because He knew that we needed each other. Until then, we will have each other and helping one another fulfilling our fitrah.

Hayah taught me that looking at sky, clouds and birds as a form of mindfulness so that I could control on my anxieties and panics. I discovered that the human mind actually has a reservoir of energy and I believe that probably is a motivation. It is lovely to experience the transition of emotions into actions. Positive emotions such as gratitude, forgiveness and happiness brings about positive consequences or actions and in between, we will have a brief transitional cloud of motivation. A feeling on motivation is splendid. It allows you to recognise hope and keep going no matter how small your steps can be.

And so, everyday for 30 minutes at least, we spent time by the window and look outside. The sky, clouds and birds.



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