Be There

Life as an academic, a professor…teaching not just the knowledge of Allah but also teaching on life to fellow mankind. My everyday thoughts will only be filled with research I am working on, trying to find a new discovery which beneficial to the mankind. Live in the countryside where river flows, having horses playing with cats and they get along really well. Sitting in the backyard, with mom and dad whilst drinking tea and some roti canai perhaps. We will also have the sky, clouds and birds as our roof most of the time. Sounds like an ideal future, huh….

Then, regularly we will have visits from the only older sister and brother. A family reunion with many cats around. Everyday will be full of wisdom and laughter and that we will live our days to the best of our lives—as part of the world’s society. Probably hayah by the time, will have many of his blue kittens around and perhaps he becomes a great great grandfather at that time. Not to forget, emie will be very old when that happens. Once in a month probably, I will pay a visit to my teachers who have been there for me throughout and also in between, meeting up with friends; my people who stand by me all the time, those who won’t turn their backs on me and simply Be There.

reaching out for people that I can’t see

chains of actions hopefully

precious souls benefitting from others

but I will never know of the inner secrets

fingers crossed

only the remains of purity

no more.

and I have not giving up and yet be disappointed praying to You.

Mummy, I won’t go this Friday for my health. I’ll put my trust on your wisdom and intuitions.


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