Loved Ones

End call

phone’s screen is now turned off

dark, pitch black.

Playing around and around

voices, “Not to trust Nurul, but trust in Allah first”

smiled. Me and you, we have one true Lord.



even people could recover from an abusive relationship

having turn to crisis point for support

you’d realised that the only thing lasting on this world

driven by His intricate and subtle hands

slowly you are rotating along an axis

the point of the axis is Him, your sustainer.

For you dear, He’ll make what seems impossible into a reality.


Loved Ones,

“Where are you my dear?

Hug hayaa tight and selawat”

“Hehe, your Harun”

“This will help you calm yourself and reduce the anxiety, don’t forget to take it along with the other one”

“When I recalled back on your mom wishes, I am feeling so sad. I am serious here”

“You are just like me but an extreme version. So, limit people contact and only be with those whom you know won’t turn their backs on you”

“What you have is an illness, and your thoughts are part of this illness”

“Do you love mama? If you do, you will do what your Lord want you to do”

I am not even bother about it.

I have my people, my Lord sent them.

more than enough to be grateful of.

Dear Allah,

there are this side of the world

full of warmth, love and care

and I don’t have to feel scared

You made me feel safe and secured.

Heal me. Mend what is broken and corrupted.

Thoughts. Hearts. Blood. Breath. People.

You make us strong,

sustain on this path of Truth.


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