Reality beats battlefield

Stepping into a reality 

simply like stepping into a battlefield

A deadly battle

One that truly guarantees death 

Or so I must say,

“one that is truly excruciatingly painful”


Having found the truth

Known about peace

And met with love

I am more than happy

Looking forward

In welcoming myself to this 

so called ” fiery deadly battlefield”

And of course

With a strong yet anxious but confident 

beating heart


As if like an eager heart plated well

With a metallic armour

A titanium. 

Because deep down inside

At the bottom of this beating heart

There is definitely

Hope, faith and believe

I know, 

That we have each other’s back

Holding hands facings what’s at the end like how we were when we’re at the beginning

No one is leaving

Nobody is alone

And we’re not leaving anything behind

We have built the present so far

Through our prayers, patience and perseverance

As long as we have Allah in our hearts

We have each other

We found truth, peace and love

Till we meet in Jannah.InsyaAllah


Alhamdulillah wa astaghfirullah. 


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