We grew. We meow

Talking about struggles
Everyone is performing in the eyes of God

Now, I do feel nothing else but selfish
Knowing that I’ve been led to think
And to just be overwhelmed with my very own struggles

I realised
That most oftenly,
What stops me from doing the right thing
Are my thoughts

My mind
What I think of
They bother me
Describing them to you
For help, would be neverending

This is something that I need to deal on my own
My struggle
And I’m proving it to Allah alone
Nothing or no one else matters
It’s for the sake of Allah

“Trust in Allah, search for inner peace and our imaan will grow. Pray salat from the heart. Make dua’ praise Allah. Allah will protect you and keep you from falling down”

Thank you Allah. Ya Allah, you’re everywhere we go.

Salam alaik world. Take care. Make dua’


for the good of our ummah and pray salat from the heart. Thank you.


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