I wish to weep

I’m back home but it doesn’t really feel like a home
I guess how I defined Home now is different
And I missed that connections now so very much
I sensed that my thoughts are really scattered
I don’t know what caused it to be that way
But I just know that it had turned that way

I wish for peace
Contentment and joy

Wish to have a bright looking smile on my face now….
Something is a bit lacking
True happiness

Been realised that life’s and everything in it is a test
I’ll have to look through the test
Please turn them into meanings to me
So that whatever comes
I am not just treating them
Just as passers by

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone. To brothers and sisters in Palestine, May Allah be with you always. Stay cool and strong đŸ™‚ Salam alaik


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