The last time, you gave me joy.

Dear medicine,

Been thinking about you lately, when I came upon words of heat, work, thermodynamics. Flashes of memories; cells, nerves, heart and so on came gushing down into my current thoughts and feelings. I miss learning about you, life sciences. Last time I thought that my world would revolves around you, medicine; that my life would be about struggling, striving to save lives that are ticking; as if only ticking for a very short time and at that particular moment I… am working hard of saving lives. 

Being with my fellow friends, it reminds me of you. Probably, the ‘time’ ( I mean ‘now’) isn’t about you and me. Hope we’ll meet again someday. In the meantime, I’ll gather up strength learning the basics. I miss learning you. The drive that pushes me of what I know. Cause the last time: learning about you (although not exactly) is joy. 



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