Thoughts diffusivity

It made my day!!!!

A single thought that we have of closest people around us wouldn’t mean a thing if we don’t reach out for them. Some would say, keeping in touch all the time would mean ‘overly-attached’…Hmmm, let me think…I would not think of that particular action would be a form of attachment but rather ‘ukhuwah’. We need support….especially in this worldly life when we started to look at things differently; InsyaAllah when we are endowed with the light of truth.  So, instead of thinking of them in our own lonely mind, would have been better to send them some smiles, love or even a single line text; that we have each other, we Care. Nobody knows where we might end up. Nobody knows what might happen to us the very next second. It may be near when it seems afar. Hence, for as long as we live and breath, touch lives and be touched. Do good. Do things that pleases Allah. Mankind, they are unique, learning about them has limit for that is as far that we could go to learn more of our Creator. I believe to learn more of Allah is to somehow learn of Allah’s beautiful creations.

Can I ask you one thing?

Yea, sure…. what is it?

What is it that you’re thinking right now?

Erm….nothing actually. I’m not thinking anything at the moment.

Really…? Alright then

But, just in case you’re thinking; just know that you’re not alone.

We may have billions, trillions thoughts that we have in mind

Not to count of what we may have floating in our subconscious mind

In addition to our conscious mind

Indeed, we have Allah, for He the only One who know

Our web of thoughts with accuracy and precision

We are weak that sometimes what we thought of

Isn’t translated into actions; We felt weak, sad

We hope for prayers

Wish for tranquil soul

Realise that each thoughts matters

That they are not there

Without reason

Hold them precious and make full use of them

As we might lose them any time.

Love your thoughts. Count on them. Believe in them.Thinking leads to certainty. Certainty brings tranquillity.

Salam alaik .


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