An Enquiry Somehow Answered

When one awakes in the morning,
Say ‘Alhamdulillah’
For when you realize
The Divine is here
He is always there
Even so when you don’t realize it
But when you do
You’ll feel
Peace, truth, calmness
Like you’ve never felt before

And so you let your mind
Why am I even here ?
Why am I breathing  ?
In this place so known to mankind as
The Earth

As I flipped and read
The Holy Quran to find answers
I came upon words;
Of the sky, earth, river
Clouds floating by…
And yet
I feel calm

Not knowing why…
And again my mind left wandering

Though it seems as of cliches,
I believed Allah must be watching over me
He is watching over the whole universe
For He can be The only One who understands
For everything He’s created.

Thank you Allah
For I would never give up in finding You
And walking confidently in the path of Islam
For I seek solely Your light
Let me understand life



2 thoughts on “An Enquiry Somehow Answered

  1. subhanallah, such a beautiful poem. I considered this as poem. Lulz.

    May Allah show you the right path and bring you towards Him. Let’s strive together even though we are far apart, but still we share the same moon. Don’t give up my friend. InsyaAllah, you will find what you seek and hoping for the truth to be true for everyone.


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