When you get what you want but not what you need

HAHA…I realised that there is something funny about the title. As a muslim believer, we always believed that Allah provide us with what we need instead of what we want. That’s the reason why we have this saying, ” You don’t always get what you want, buy you’ll eventually get what you need because Allah knows best”. Therefore, when sometimes we said that we want this and that…simply because we BELIEVED that it is GOOD for us but noted that Allah knows BEST! Sometimes what we think is good for us isn’t and what’s bad or that things we don’t favour are actually good for us. Thus, the ultimate thing to do in this case is to put your ultimate FAITH in Allah.

Quoted from ‘Superman’ by five for fighting, ” I can’t stand to fly, I’m not that naive”. This is exactly the feelings that I have right now. I can’t wait to continue my studies in Medicine. I’m currently waiting for my IB results and hoping that when the time comes, everything will just fall into its places (what my mentor said). Fulfilling my dreams are my goal in LIFE. And so, I really hope and I’ll accomplish what I want and of course with the prayer to my Maker.

Here I’d like to share a poem (modifications to the ‘Start of something new’ by HM) that symbolises my gratefulness to all my teachers

Living in my own world,

Didn’t understand,

That anything can happen,

When you take a chance,

With the chance, I learnt not to walk away,

To fight for what I believed is true,

Because if we hold tight, everything will be just fine,

I know that I got mountains ahead to climb,

One way at a time, I’ll gather my strength,

And walk those mountains straight up.

As long as I live and breathe, I’ll tell myself that I must never give up.

I am not born smart but I work very hard. 🙂

I'll reach there again for my studies


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