Clouds floating by

Peace be upon everyone,

There are so much things that I learnt in McB, we should call ourselves Mcbees instead of Kmbians. Much cooler.. Don’t you think so?

Things that I learnt:

1. We may look back but don’t stare.

2. Being in IB is not about perfection, it’s about improvements.

3. There is evolution in friendship.

4. In science, there are Signs.

5. As long as we are able to live and breath, we must never lose hope or giving up. ( Mathematics HL taught me this)

4. Life is about living up to your passions.

5. I had supportive, funny and crazy friends who love to cachinnate.

6. Still a long way to go to reach my ultimate dreams.

7. Life is only good for two things: To learn math and to teach it (said Poisson)

8. Being a minority is an advantage but it hurts sometimes.

9. Our actions explain our conscience.

10. To conquer knowledge or just walk through it. Of course I’d like to conquer it.

11. To never judge others. Things always happen for a reasons.

12. I love my teachers and grateful for their supports, sacrifices and their kind love. Thank you teachers for being my secret guardian angel. I will strive my best to be at the edge of glory and grab it.



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