Reason??? OR Emotions??

TOK subject that I learned in college has made me come to this…..

In the life of a human being, problem always come and goes. None of us is ever free from problems that keep causing ups and down in our lives. Some believe that problems are punishments that arise as a result from their own mistakes. As a Muslim, I believe that complications in life come from Allah the Almighty to strengthen the faith of His believer. The complications may comprise personal problems like difficulties in making friends to even mathematical problems like calculus.

To solve a problem, we have to first consider the nature of it. Every individual will never solve a particular problem in the same way since everyone has different views and perceptions on it regardless whether they are of the same background. Hence, it is true to say that to all problems no solution is distinctly right or wrong since everyone can give their own explanation for their resolution. It is in fact the matters of proper or improper method of handling that specific problem and whether the solution made is done under ethical concerns.

Resolution done based on reasoning are often the favourites of authorities. Reason is often supported by empirical evidences, experiments and logic so as to convince ourselves and others that we are doing well in solving our problems. For example, juries in court will definitely believe when a defendant being accused for murder said that he was only a passer-by and his action of not reporting to the police when he found the body was solely to protect himself from any allegation. He was afraid and he was the only person at the crime scene that time. In addition to that he has a strong eyewitness who can clarify that he is not guilty.

Nevertheless, we also have to take into account the element of emotions to support our reason. I personally think that the best methodology to solve a problem is to have strong reason for our solution and supported partly with a considerable degree of emotions.  Emotions help to ensure that our solution is a win-win situation and cause no harm to the people around us. The feeling of empathy helps us to feel what it is like to be in someone’s shoe. Hence, decision driven by reason supported partly by emotions shape us to be generous and considerate with strong sense of ethics as well as humanity. Yet, emotions are susceptible and it should be governed so as not to cloud our decision-making process. Without strong reason, we tend to be bias; making unfair solution. This will induce great dissatisfaction from many parties.

Thus, reason is utmost important in solving problems because it serve as a guide so that we handle our problems appropriately. In contrary, resolution done by prioritizing emotions is dangerous because tragedy is very likely to happen and consequently destroy the harmony that we had in life.



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