My Language of Intimacy

People from different backgrounds regardless of whether they live in countryside, a student who is studying at Oxford or even pre-school kids who are beginning to learn ABC and sings twinkle-twinkle little star in kindergarten behold different perceptions to the people who they knew. I believe that how human regards other people, influenced their language usage with that particular groups of people. Language is actually a tool that reflects one’s content of thoughts and how language is used to deliver the thoughts is now the chapter to think of deeply.

In referring to what Amy Tan said in her essay ‘Mother Tongue’ made me think that the way we interact with someone is influenced by how much does that particular person mean to us. As such, I am a bilingual speaker and my mother tongue is Malay. I normally use Malay in the conversations with my family and friends. However, the Malay that I used is a mix of pure Penang and Perak dialects since my dad a penangite and my mom originated from Perak.  I choose to voice out in that way because I perceive them as people who are really precious to me and to converse with them in that way implies the strong ties of love and togetherness that we have. It is like our own language and it is our language of intimacy.

I personally think that the language spoken in a family does play a large role in shaping the language of a child. Children at the age of 3 to 12 years old spent most of their time at home with their families. Hence, the kids listened to the language spoken by their parents for almost 24 hours. At that stage of life of children, parents are their most trusted persons and it is true to say that parents are their role models. So, I believe that whatever comes from their parents verbally are highlighted in the children minds and they tend to follow them.



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