:-) :-( :-)

Is it true that smart people are selfish?

Who said that…???

Smart people aren’t selfish…

they are just equipping themselves into someone better so that they can help others.


Now is mid-sem break and i’m back here in penang. Home is fun and indeed a wonderful place to be.

Relatives and family kept asking how’s life over there in kmb? then i said…well, everything is good. everything is fun to me

honestly, even better compared to my high school’s life. Here in kmb, i have friends…i mean like REAL friends. it’s been so long since i really have friends similar to my age. If not either someone who is older like a senior or younger like a junior.Just like sandie and assilah. 🙂 hahaha.

There are a lot of things to share and talk about actually but i’m too lazy right now cause i keep thinking of something else. See ya….

Till then, we meet again. Take care 🙂

Right now : just feeling empty


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