Hello world…!!!

I’m blogging since I don’t have anyone to talk to. Friends all away. Some went to matrics, form 6, some still in school. So here I am…. blogging or just like talking to myself…haha… My greatest challenge after this is to make friends in KMB soon. One more month, Im going to step into the world that will lead me into the art of saving lives. Im weak at social interactions, i don’t have much friends…. How can someone who wanted to become a doctor only had a few friends?

International Baccalaureate going to be my friend. Scoring in IB won’t be an easy job. Some say IB is harder than A-level and even STPM. Nevertheless, I promised to myself that I’ll score 45 in my IB and achieve my dream to get into Trinity in Dublin and be a doctor and surgeon a neurosurgeon. I’ll do my very best and give my best shot during my life in KMB. I’ll love IB and KMB.

I miss my friends…. I’ll be leading a different life compared to them. I’ll be in Banting and most of them in Penang. Keeping in touch is not something that i do not want but something that is just not easy. We won’t have the same thing to talk about. I hope they’ll always remember me like how i remembered them. To all my pals, Li Chean, Nur Zawani, Suvarshini, Sandie, Assilah, Fatin, Hanisah, Nadzirah, Nabilah, Emie, Kimot, Sendo…I’ll be missing all of you. Take care. Saya sayang awak semua. Good Luck.


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