Assalamualaikum and peace be upon all of you.

ALONE…literally, everyone is alone but how we cope with the loneliness depends on us. I am no perfect, everyone does yet there are times when everything turned out to be difficult. Difficult to talk honestly, difficult to make good friends, sleep comfortably and even eat. Having a big circle of friends who generally knows everything about me is indeed a miracle because friends make those difficult stuffs to be easier. However, that’s not possible for me. Due to the fact that it is impossible, I made several imaginary friends whom I trusted the most and most of them are my favorite character from a wide range of dramas. My imaginary friends accompany me the whole time. And to those who think that I’m a freak, well I AM A FREAK. I’m not desperate for a companion or a figure of a friendly human. Imaginary friends are the last thing that I would regret throughout my life compared to having a bunch of human friends who come and go or were friendly and warmth in the beginning but soon became ignorant towards me. Being different is special. Being weird is awkward. Being human is tough. And frankly telling you people, I found that being alone is amazing and puzzling.


4 thoughts on “ALONE I AM

  1. Assalamualaikum Diyana,
    wah, u hve an amazing skill in describing in English. I am amazed by ur tought. =D

    dont worry my dear fren, i can be ur good frien in KMB. u can share with me anything u want, just come to my messy room. hoho. just be urself and try to make new friends instead of gain lots of knowledge there. nice to meet u! =D


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